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Visit artists studios and enjoy the spring thaw!


100+ year old sandstone paving stones exposed by large pothole on Maria Ave - St. Paul

(via Photo by darrylsteineck • Instagram)

That pothole is serious business, but the stones underneath are super neat.

(via theronsteineck)

Anonymous asked: Hello, my name is Brett Ortler, and I'm the editor at Adventure Publications. We're working on a book about Famous Crimes of MN, and we'd like to include your image of Nina's Cafe in the book. (In case you don't know, it's named in honor of Nina Clifford, a famous brothel owner from the 1910s-30s.) If you're amenable to this, please let me know. We'd of course attribute the photo to you in the book. Thanks, Brett Ortler

It is indeed a beautiful picture, but it is not mine. If you’re referring to the one from this post, you’ll want to contact the author of that tumblr.

"Wabasha Street Freedom to Marry Bridge."

St. Paul Public Works installing rainbow flags on the Wabasha Bridge this morning - thank you St. Paul and Mayor Coleman!

From Family Equality Council’s Facebook.

CVAaction launches website to save century old St. Paul art school ›


St.Paul at night on Flickr.


Rice Park (Taken with Instagram)


The Master - At his peak, Joe Mauer is ignoring his critics and enjoying these sweet years

Joe Mauer is one of America’s last remaining geographical oddities — the Midwestern stoic. He encompasses what an entire state believes to be its best attributes: humility, loyalty, self-deprecation, drive and conscientiousness. And yes, more than a fair measure of blandness. “You’ll find that I’m really boring,” Mauer said in mid-June. “I’m not as cool as I’m supposed to be.” He is the Midwestern ideal sprung to life, as reliable as summer corn, with an image as square as his sideburns. His locker, home or away, looks like the hotel closet of a businessman on an overnight stay: shirt, pants and shoes. Other guys have family photos, food, books, even women’s thongs strung across the backs of their chairs, but Mauer has nothing remotely personal.

He is so tied to Minnesota and its monochromatic idiosyncrasies that the distinction between Minneapolis and St. Paul is a cultural gulf for him. When Joe made the big leagues as a 20-year-old in 2004 and enlisted a friend to help him find a place to live, Joe’s father, Jake, asked, “Where are you looking?”

“St. Paul,” Joe responded. “And a few places in Minneapolis.”

Jake Mauer got quiet.

“Remember, you’re a St. Paul boy,” he said in a fatherly tone.

Joe chose St. Paul, the less glamorous, remember-where-you-came-from city. Locals say you date Minneapolis but marry St. Paul.

“My dad was joking,” Joe says. “Well, maybe half-joking.”

via ESPN


Mugshot Monday - “Mickey’s Dining Car” coffee mug with special guest appearance by Christopher Pollard

Mickey’s Dining Car in St. Paul is a great place for breakfast regardless of the time of day. They’re even open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you’ve never been there, it looks like an old-school railroad dining car — and it’s super cozy.

Mary, our waitress, was full of sass and (rightfully) gave me grief for wanting a Mickey’s branded coffee mug instead of the plain white one I was originally served. Chris got one with a logo, after all. “We don’t have many of them. He got the last one. Dontchya know you can buy your own? Geez.”

So I bought one.

Mary eventually asked about Mugshot Monday and I showed her the gallery of photos on my phone. “I hate these phones,” she said. But she mentioned she owns about 200 coffee mugs! She said her favorite coffee mug, the one that was her dad’s and that reminded her of her dad, was stolen from the diner one day. That’s just terrible.

Mary asked about our kids, told us about her grand-kids, and mentioned her dad was a sign painter back in the old days. “They don’t need sign painters no more these days. It’s all done by computers. But the signs, they don’t look good.”

It was fun meeting Chris (and Mary) for breakfast today. Actually, Chris’ Mugshot Monday shot turned out WAY better than mine did:

A rainy day at the Como Zoo and Conservatory.